How to Maintain Dell Scanner for Better Use

Scanner is an important peripheral of the entire computer system, which facilitates easy documentation. Thus, it is an inevitable part of any work set up. To ensure that the scanner offers the best performance their regular maintenance is required, like any other machine. When a scanner scans a document or picture, it converts the image into a file that can be stored on your computer. Then you can send that image anywhere using the modem. It’s also possible to make a quality reproduction of the original page on the printer. Dust, lint, fur, fingerprints, and other culprits can cause smudges or mar the glass. Keep the glass bed on scanners clean by wiping it periodically with a good glass cleaner and soft paper towel. Read on to know how! You can also take help from Dell scanner support for better maintenance of your printer.

dell scanner support number_1

  • Diminish the cloth or paper towel slightly with a non-abrasive glass cleaner.
  • Don’t spray the glass directly and don’t use too much liquid. You don’t want it to seep into the scanner.
  • Avoid cleaners with abrasives in them because these chemicals may permanently damage the glass. Windex or a similar product is safe.
  • Keep the lid open until the glass dries.

Another important point to take notice is that if you lately bought your scanner and you have an older computer, it’s possible the USB ports aren’t compatible. Make sure to check the ratings. A USB 2.0 scanner should plug into a USB 2.0 port; anything less means that the scanner will send information faster than the computer port can accept it. Apart from physical maintenance of the scanner you also need to ensure that the device drivers, which help the in the functioning of the scanner, is also installed properly and updated from time to time. In case you face issues with your scanner you can get Dell scanner repair done by the experts.

If you have any issue with Dell scanner you can get in touch with our team of experts on the Dell scanner support phone number: +1-877-217-7933. They will offer you the best possible solution for your Dell scanner related issue. They are available round the clock over call or live chats for offering Dell scanner help to the customers.


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