Most Common Problems of Hard Disk Failure

Hard disk failure is one of the major issues among the computer users across the globe. It can happen anytime with anyone without giving any prior indication or pre-alert. And if you have stored large amount of data containing important files or official records, you will lose many important documents resulting losses in terms of data lost and other financial damages.


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Actually, there are many reasons that become the prime cause of a hard disk failure and few of them are very common among the customers using Dell Desktop and Laptop computers. Find the list of top activities for hardware failure with precautionary measures to avoid in near future.

Mechanical Fault or Internal Failure

The reason behind hard disk failure could be due to mechanical faults like improper blocks and sectors, PCB board, spindle motor stop functioning or write head not moving etc. The symptoms of hard disk failure include folders or files becoming invisible or corrupted and not allow accessing the data. Sometimes system freezes or shows black screen also a sign of hard failure. To avoid such risk always keep update your system on regular basis and keep a copy of backup to any other external hard disk. And also replace the hard disk after 4-5 yrs. of use. For any query, call at Dell support phone number 1-877-217-7933 for quick help.

Hard Disc Affected due to Overheating 

Overheating of laptop is also very harmful for hard drive of a computer. When ventilation fan not working or dust accumulates on vents, the system will not cool down causes overheating. And consistent overheating can become the reason of hard disk failure. Hence, dell users should take help of Dell technical support and solve the issue and repair fan of your system. To avoid overheating you can also use smart cooling kit that controls the temperature very quickly.

Human Errors or Corrupted Files

Hard disk also occurs also due to human errors that mainly happen with the people who don’t have adequate knowledge of operating a computer system. Sometime due to wrong OS installation, altering system files, changes in control panel or adjusting the system registry settings hard disk fails. While corrupt files also damage the hard disk and this happens due to sudden shutdown of system or forcefully restart of are also reasons of hard disk failure.  For any difficult question, contact at Dell support number to get quick answers immediately.

Due to Power Supply Fluctuation  

When UPS not supply power is consistent manner or when the voltage fluctuation is too low or high. Due to such unreliable or stable power sources the performance of hard disk is affected and when system BIOS will unable to detect the hard drive it means there is failure. Hence, make sure to plug with right power source and use a branded UPS and if you need help of experts you can get Dell tech support to check all these functions at professional levels.


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