How to Speed up a Slow Dell Computer by Freeing up Resources?

Windows Dell computers have a tendency to become slower with time and usage. As programs are installed and removed, some temporary files get remained in the computer which makes the system slow. It is not easy to prevent the usual wear and tear to the computer system but users can undertake some measures to speed up slow computers. One of these measures is by freeing up resources. Read further to learn how to speed up a slow Windows dell computer by freeing up resources. Alternatively, you can consult our Dell customer Support to get detailed guidance on this topic.

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Stop all unnecessary background processes-

By right-clicking your Taskbar, you can see what processes or programs are running in the background. Closing or exiting these programs will free up resources and make more memory free for your computer. Navigate to your task manager and find what unnecessary processes are running in the background. Close as many unwanted processes as you can. You can use a utility called Process Explorer that allows you to see all the programs running on your system. You can use this utility to close the unnecessary programs in the computer.  For any technical error, call at Dell customer technical support phone number 1-877-217-7933 for instant help.

Switch off unnecessary Desktop Features that try to make things look better-

There are certain features like fancy rounded window corners, animated menus and 3D button that make desktop more appealing but at the same time these features consume some computer memory. Go to the Control Panel and then locate Advanced System Settings. In the Advanced tab click on Settings under Performance. Now you can choose between Custom and Adjust for best performance. If you are very confused for this step, you should call at Dell customer support phone number for immediate assistance.

Do a cold reboot-

Most programs let go off their used memory once the program is closed but some programs don’t and cause memory leak. Shutting down your computer system and then restarting it will provide all memory locations free to use.

Empty the Recycle Bin-

Recycle Bin holds the deleted data which you can review later. Emptying Recycle Bin will cause speeding of the computer.

Uninstall all the applications that you don’t use-

When you install programs and games on the system, they make changes to Window Registry file. Hence it is necessary that when you uninstall these programs, use the Add/Remove Programs function in the Control Panel. If you are unable to fix this issue, you should call at Dell customer toll free phone number 1-877-217-7933 for instant assistance.

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Technical Support Engineers for Dell Users-

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Dial at Toll Free Dell customer support phone number

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Fix All Common Technical Glitches through Remote Access Technology-

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