Most Common Problems of Hard Disk Failure

Hard disk failure is one of the major issues among the computer users across the globe. It can happen anytime with anyone without giving any prior indication or pre-alert. And if you have stored large amount of data containing important files or official records, you will lose many important documents resulting losses in terms of data lost and other financial damages.


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Actually, there are many reasons that become the prime cause of a hard disk failure and few of them are very common among the customers using Dell Desktop and Laptop computers. Find the list of top activities for hardware failure with precautionary measures to avoid in near future.

Mechanical Fault or Internal Failure

The reason behind hard disk failure could be due to mechanical faults like improper blocks and sectors, PCB board, spindle motor stop functioning or write head not moving etc. The symptoms of hard disk failure include folders or files becoming invisible or corrupted and not allow accessing the data. Sometimes system freezes or shows black screen also a sign of hard failure. To avoid such risk always keep update your system on regular basis and keep a copy of backup to any other external hard disk. And also replace the hard disk after 4-5 yrs. of use. For any query, call at Dell support phone number 1-877-217-7933 for quick help.

Hard Disc Affected due to Overheating 

Overheating of laptop is also very harmful for hard drive of a computer. When ventilation fan not working or dust accumulates on vents, the system will not cool down causes overheating. And consistent overheating can become the reason of hard disk failure. Hence, dell users should take help of Dell technical support and solve the issue and repair fan of your system. To avoid overheating you can also use smart cooling kit that controls the temperature very quickly.

Human Errors or Corrupted Files

Hard disk also occurs also due to human errors that mainly happen with the people who don’t have adequate knowledge of operating a computer system. Sometime due to wrong OS installation, altering system files, changes in control panel or adjusting the system registry settings hard disk fails. While corrupt files also damage the hard disk and this happens due to sudden shutdown of system or forcefully restart of are also reasons of hard disk failure.  For any difficult question, contact at Dell support number to get quick answers immediately.

Due to Power Supply Fluctuation  

When UPS not supply power is consistent manner or when the voltage fluctuation is too low or high. Due to such unreliable or stable power sources the performance of hard disk is affected and when system BIOS will unable to detect the hard drive it means there is failure. Hence, make sure to plug with right power source and use a branded UPS and if you need help of experts you can get Dell tech support to check all these functions at professional levels.

How to Maintain Dell Scanner for Better Use

Scanner is an important peripheral of the entire computer system, which facilitates easy documentation. Thus, it is an inevitable part of any work set up. To ensure that the scanner offers the best performance their regular maintenance is required, like any other machine. When a scanner scans a document or picture, it converts the image into a file that can be stored on your computer. Then you can send that image anywhere using the modem. It’s also possible to make a quality reproduction of the original page on the printer. Dust, lint, fur, fingerprints, and other culprits can cause smudges or mar the glass. Keep the glass bed on scanners clean by wiping it periodically with a good glass cleaner and soft paper towel. Read on to know how! You can also take help from Dell scanner support for better maintenance of your printer.

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  • Diminish the cloth or paper towel slightly with a non-abrasive glass cleaner.
  • Don’t spray the glass directly and don’t use too much liquid. You don’t want it to seep into the scanner.
  • Avoid cleaners with abrasives in them because these chemicals may permanently damage the glass. Windex or a similar product is safe.
  • Keep the lid open until the glass dries.

Another important point to take notice is that if you lately bought your scanner and you have an older computer, it’s possible the USB ports aren’t compatible. Make sure to check the ratings. A USB 2.0 scanner should plug into a USB 2.0 port; anything less means that the scanner will send information faster than the computer port can accept it. Apart from physical maintenance of the scanner you also need to ensure that the device drivers, which help the in the functioning of the scanner, is also installed properly and updated from time to time. In case you face issues with your scanner you can get Dell scanner repair done by the experts.

If you have any issue with Dell scanner you can get in touch with our team of experts on the Dell scanner support phone number: +1-877-217-7933. They will offer you the best possible solution for your Dell scanner related issue. They are available round the clock over call or live chats for offering Dell scanner help to the customers.

How to Resolve Dell Scanner Common Problems?

These days, scanners are so advanced that they can scan any type of small piece of paper, be it special papers, envelopes, photo paper and many other. The scanners are boosted that possess a USB ports that will connect to the computer. Dell user can get the scanning process done without giving a thought to paper quality, best quality scanning is always helpful to you to share Photo memories and data across the social sites.

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Dell scanners are majorly used as a scanning device among common users to scan different documents in black & white or colored formats. Based with advance technology and latest, user friendly and amazing features, they are very portable, easy to use and convenient to connect with various kinds of computers through wires or wireless connectivity. If any issue is occurring again and again, this can be fixed with few important steps given below:-

Restart Dell Scanner once again:-
If your dell scanner is not responding appropriately, you must try restarting of your scanning machine including all connected scanner, router, computer and other connected devices. Often, dell scanners are unable to establish proper connections with other devices because of power supply related errors and it get restored after restart procedure. If you don’t have knowledge about this step, you should hire dell scanner technical support immediately.

Uninstall & Reinstall Dell Driver-

Often technical problems arise due to driver, therefore you need to uninstall and install dell scanner drivers again with the proper configuration and set up.  Often, few settings not installed properly after the installation of driver, therefore reinstallation is very needed and important to get a successful installation with the complete set up. If you don’t have ideas about this process, you should hire dell scanner customer support quickly.

Disable Start up Items-

Several times windows based programs can affect the images scanned by dell scanner. Therefore, to configure dell scanner without disabling start up, you need to run menu on your window and enter “MSCONFIG” to open system configuration.  Choose “Selective Start UP” and uncheck all the programs.

Check & Clean Dell Scanner Glass-

Often due to dirt and dust particles, dell scanners are unable to scan suitably or stop working. To clean glasses, open it carefully with the quick assistance of screwdriver and clean it cautiously. To ignore scratches, you need to use soft cotton and wipe softly with glass cleaner. If you have no idea about this process, you should call at dell scanner support phone number 1-877-217-7933 for instant technical solutions.

How to Fix Common Issues of Dell scanner?

In the era of advance technology, dell scanners have become the first and last choice of all dell users recently. These devices have various types of features such as advance & user friendly features, therefore they have become the first choice of upcoming dell customers. These scanning devices can be used for various purposes such as home, commercial & corporate purposes. Dell scanners are widely used to scan printed text & photos and turn them into digital forms. These devices have a necessary & important feature like transparency feature that characterizes a scanner technically.

Suddenly, dell customers are troubling technical problems to run the scanners, they need to hire dell scanner customer support services in the most reasonable charges. There is no problem of location; online certified technicians are always available 24 hour to start their resolution procedure with quick help of remote access immediately. There are few important tips given below, which are very helpful for dell scanner.



  1. Dell scanner not responding appropriately-

This device is not working suitably, hence this is very common issue with all kinds of scanners. If this occurs so, you should set up your printer at default scanner in the settings to restore original settings. Call directly at dell scanner support number 1-877-217-7933 to get connected with certified technicians for quick technical help.


  1. Low scanning problems;-

If dell customers are facing technical errors related to quality, they have to clean upper glass of the device and try to adjust the settings via printing software. This is very important factor to retain paper on scanner glass and use appropriately clearer version to scan appropriately. If there are some technical problems, they must take the professional help from technicians to get quality printing.


  1. Scanning Taking A long Period-

If Scanning is not successful, initially all dell customers have to check USB connection carefully. If cable is badly damaged, dell users need to replace it with new ones. When scanning takes a long period, dell customers need to close other software and restart the computer once again.


  1. Scanning Problems over Network-

If dell customers want to scan their important documents via a scanner connected through network, so they need to make sure that computer must be connected to same network. They need to check driver that is installed properly on computer server. In emergency issues, you should dial at toll free dell scanner support phone number to get quick technical help.